Adapting software practices for innovation

Software development practices have been traditionally aimed at running large enterprise level projects. But new products are intrinsically different. They are built in an environment of constant innovation, learning and change. Akrity is inventing software practices for this new paradigm



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Acquisitions in 3 years

Our Methodology

Our Philosophy

Focus on results not on features

Product building over engineering

Full stack developers over specialists

Building extensible MVPs, lean stack and design last

How We Work

We love what we do and we are constantly looking for ways to get better

We take pleasure in learning new things

We put people above money

We are ethical and we abide by the law

Management Team

Abhishek Bagalkot
Abhishek Bagalkot

CoFounder, Head of Product

Product Strategy, Product Management,Software Requirements Management

Geographies: UK, India, Germany

Aniruddh Bagalkot
Aniruddh Bagalkot

CoFounder, Head of Technology

Software Architecture, Running Development Teams

Geographies: US, India