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Is Your Product Really Unique?

Is Your Product Really Unique?

It's a great feeling when an entrepreneur stumbles upon a great business idea. But often, what seems to be a 'unique' idea to the founder, can be something that has no takers. It might be something, that on the surface seems to be an excellent idea, but deeper down,...

How to build an MVP: 5 Lessons from Amazon

In a way, Amazon’s journey is similar to how an MVP’s should be. The multi-billion-dollar behemoth was started in a garage, with just the bare essentials in place, similar to how basic an MVP needs to be to start off. Did you know that Jeff Bezos zeroed in on the name...

Build Usage, Not Features

At Akrity, we follow three core principles for every project: Don’t build what you don’t needBuild what you need really wellBuild usage, not features In earlier articles, we discussed the first two principles: Don’t build what you don’t need and Build what you...

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