How we won an award in Innovation from the Governments of Two Countries

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In 2017, the Government of India’s Department of Sciences and Technology, along with FICCI (The Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry), invited applications from Indian companies, especially small and medium-scale companies, to provide technological support to companies in Rwanda.

They had invited more than 100 applications, of which only a few were to be selected. The government was strictly looking for innovative companies, so we had to participate. 

The evaluation criteria were quite strict and considered factors such as how big an organization was, what kind of innovation work they had done for how long had they been innovating, and whether the companies had any specialized capability in the technology field.

We were among the 12 companies shortlisted. 

The project we were selected for involved building the technological system for a military hospital in Rwanda, as we had carried out similar work for several other companies in the healthcare domain. 

Being a company that loves innovation, it was an excellent project for Akrity.

We were invited to propose a technological solution for the hospital in Rwanda. So, we went for a field study stage where we visited the site and took note of the situation. Post that, we carried out a technological assessment to determine which technological solution would best suit them. 

We presented our findings in one of the conferences with the Rwandan government and our solution was appreciated and accepted by the officials present.

For our effort, the Department of Sciences and Technology (Government of India) and the Government of Rwanda awarded us under the India-Rwanda Innovation Growth Programme. 

It has been one of our proudest achievements to date.

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Abhishek Bagalkot

Abhishek Bagalkot

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