Reduce Manual Intervention using Workflow Automation


Zluri, a fast-growing SaaS operations management platform, recognized the need to optimize its internal processes and workflows to support its expanding operations. As they continued to scale, they were grappling with manual and time-consuming tasks, which were impeding their efficiency, accuracy, and overall productivity.

Zluri relies on trusted third-party channels such as Google Workspace and Slack to retrieve various types of data, including user-related information such as department details, MDM records, and app-specific data. To ensure sustained success and maintain a competitive edge, Zluri sought a solution to streamline its internal workflows and further enhance productivity.

Therefore, they recognized the need for a fully automated solution that could seamlessly integrate with their existing systems and workflows. Their primary objective was to reduce manual interaction and minimize the risk of errors by consolidating all data into a centralized platform.

Image Source: Zluri blogs


Understanding their requirements, we developed a ‘Workflow Automation’ feature. It streamlines the data consolidation process by automatically collecting and organizing user-related data from various sources in a uniform manner, reducing manual input. It also allows the creation of customized workflows by configuring various applications with user-specific data. Users can customize the applications while setting them up in the workflow UI as per their preference.

Seamless integration with Zluri’s existing data sources and databases was a key priority as well as a daunting challenge. To ensure efficient and accurate automation of workflows, we created a centralized repository of metadata. This metadata served as the common source of truth for all integrations and allowed for easy management and reuse of code. The same metadata can be used across applications and is different for each of them. With this approach, whenever a new integration was added, the necessary metadata could be quickly referenced and utilized, eliminating the need to rewrite or duplicate code. For different actions in metadata, input fields were rendered, data was collected, and API calls were made to fetch, update, or synchronize data.

We developed ‘Recommendation engines,’ a powerful feature to analyze the metadata associated with workflows. It was designed to assist users in suggesting suitable apps or integrations for their specific tasks while building workflows. With just one click, users can easily access Node, a key component of the workflows.

Error handling in the Workflow Automation solution is designed to provide clear messages to users, ensuring they are well-informed about any issues that may arise, such as when third-party apps experience downtime. This empowers users to take appropriate actions and helps maintain a smooth user experience even when external factors impact system functionality.

Image Source: Zluri blogs


All processes are managed on a single, unified platform, making it easy for client organizations to oversee and optimize their employee onboarding & offboarding operations.

Automation significantly reduced manual intervention in creating, deleting, and managing user accounts. Workflows were made customizable, liberating time and improving accuracy, as human errors became less frequent.

The system promotes code reusability across the platform for adding new applications and actions, and displaying logs, reducing development efforts. Developers can channel their efforts into crafting metadata, a comparatively efficient and swift task. As testing is no longer necessary, the process completes in 2 days instead of 2 weeks.

Through an optimized caching system, the solution ensures rapid retrieval of general 3rd party data, enhancing overall system performance. This allows the users to receive the information quickly, thereby improving user experience.

Pre-configured templates simplify workflow execution, enabling clients to initiate complex processes with just one click. It automates the overall process and reduces time, which otherwise requires manual effort in onboarding and offboarding operations.

“Akrity has taken major ownership of our Desktop Agents and Browser Extensions. They have ensured to deliver high-quality code repeatedly. Their process-focused approach to picking up difficult problem statements has made them our trusted partner and not just a vendor. The team has integrated really well both culturally and technically and together we have accomplished our goals. Will definitely look forward to working more with them.”

Chaithanya Yambari

Co-founder, Zluri