Our Electron services allow our customers a deeper integration with their users’ platforms and become omnipresent in all the users’ devices, increasing adoption significantly.

Challenges in Electron

Developing and managing your own reliable and scalable system with multiple codebases for different operating systems can be costly and time-consuming, diverting resources from core business activities.

To create deeper adoption of their product, SaaS companies often need to be present on all user platforms. Creating and managing multiple codebases with multiple tech stacks may not be viable before adoption is proven.

For desktop apps, manually handling and distributing incremental updates is error-prone. Additionally, ensuring seamless integration with existing systems and providing the latest versions universally is challenging, as it requires an extensive deployment process.

Building software that can run on multiple platforms, like Windows, macOS, and Linux, without significant rework or re-development efforts is complex because of system dependencies, kernels and architectural differences, and hardware variances.

Build a Software that is

Cross-platform Compatible

Aware of key Operating Systems (OS) level differences & functionalities to operate conditionally on different families and versions of different OS.

Network Independent

Ensure seamless usage despite network unavailability, allowing users to work offline. Later, automatically synchronize data consistently when connected.

Minimal Hardware Requirement

Designed to run smoothly even on lower specification hardware to support varied and older hardware systems. All devices must be compliant even without frequent updates.

Our Practices and Approach

Modular development

Accelerate development with modular patterns and functional programming techniques so features update automatically, saving valuable time and effort in deployment.

Error Management on Steroids

Enhance error detection & handling by implementing robust error reporting mechanisms with clear and detailed errors, allowing for efficient troubleshooting and problem-solving before business impact.

Quality Assurance

Have a rigorous quality assurance process to ensure the software we develop meets the highest performance, reliability, and security standards.

Usage-driven feature deployment

Be able to revert a feature based on market validation, usage, and traction so software is flexible and responsive to user needs.

Benefits of Following the above Approach

Omnipresent Usage

SaaS companies can reach a wider audience as the software is accessible and usable seamlessly on multiple devices and platforms.

Reduced Hardware Dependency

Electron’s cross-platform compatibility allows to develop software that can run seamlessly on multiple devices and operating systems, eliminating the need for expensive hardware investments or upgrades.

Reduced Development Overhead

As a single codebase, modular patterns, and automated feature updates are used across platforms, it reduces the need for different development teams and resources for different platforms, saving cost and time.

Expanded Market Reach

It is easy to quickly adapt and respond to user needs based on market validation and usage, improving customer satisfaction and retention. It enables cross-platform deployment, reaching a broader audience across multiple platforms.

“Akrity has taken major ownership of our Desktop Agents and Browser Extensions. They have ensured to deliver high-quality code repeatedly. Their process-focused approach to picking up difficult problem statements has made them our trusted partner and not just a vendor. The team has integrated really well both culturally and technically and together we have accomplished our goals. Will definitely look forward to working more with them.”

Chaithanya Yambari

Co-founder, Zluri