Our deep backend development expertise helps leading SaaS companies create and maintain server-side software to power their usage. From designing architecture, creating APIs to boosting overall performance, we partner and deliver best-in-class solutions.

Key Challenges in Back-End Development

Getting the technical architecture design right is an iterative process that needs continuous adaptation to changing business needs.

Vast amounts of data make ingestion and processing complex. The challenge is to create reliable solutions that maintain data accuracy, consistency without sacrificing speed.

Building data pipelines involves handling diverse data sources with different structures and formats. Managing high volumes of data, ensuring scalability, and maintaining data quality and integrity throughout the pipeline is a challenge for most SaaS companies.

As Saas companies grow in user traffic, scaling backend infrastructure becomes difficult and expensive. They must reduce server maintenance and data storage expenses without sacrificing performance or functionality.

All of these require technical foresight and experience in planning, developing, and rolling out solutions in a systematic fashion.

Build a Software that is

Modular & Extensible

It promotes maintainability & flexibility, allowing easy integration of new data sources. It enables code reusability and adding new functionalities without disrupting the original structure.


Handles increasing data and user traffic without compromising performance and functionality by accommodating future growth without significant modifications.


Ensures optimal utilization of resources, minimizing server maintenance and backend operational costs and maximizing productivity.

Our Practices and Approach

Developing modular, scalable, and efficient software is a discipline with many ingredients. To address that, we do some of the following:

Design a scalable architecture

Evaluate the product needs, do thorough tech stack research, and engage in design discussions and technical workshops. Create detailed design documentation for developers to analyze the business requirements.

Write high-quality code

Write clean, modular, and optimized code, not once but every time. Follow patterns, refer to playbooks in case of dependencies, and get every line of code peer-reviewed. Perform user acceptance testing before moving to production.

Plan well and in advance

Break requirements into smaller pieces, write thorough user stories, and clearly define what’s done. Take ownership of tasks, and discover risks and dependencies. Failing fast helps us to inform stakeholders and re-prioritize requirements.

Benefits of Back-End Services

Faster Time-to-market

Streamlined development accelerates product iterations, enabling quick responses to market demands and opportunities for SaaS companies.

Seamless Integration and Adaptation

Modular and extensible software allows easy integration of new data sources and functionalities, fostering adaptability and enabling quick updates to meet changing market demands.

Reliable & Future-proof solutions

Our expertise in continuous adaptation and technical foresight ensures clients receive future-proof solutions, allowing SaaS companies to stay relevant and competitive amid evolving business needs.

Cost-effective Scalability

With scalable architecture and efficient resource utilization, SaaS companies can handle increased user traffic cost-effectively while maintaining optimal performance and functionality.

“Akrity has worked closely with the Towno team to deeply understand our vision and strategy. We began with a much-recommended MVP approach and have today progressed to solving complex business problems with enhanced user experience. Akrity helped us define, refine and evolve our product. Time and again, they have demonstrated their pertinence to a high-growth start-up’s success.”

Rahul Kesar