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Building a functional MVP in 3 weeks

Building a functional MVP in 3 weeks

The problem The customer is Gartner award winning SAAS company. As their clientele grew, they felt the need to focus on account management and streamlining customer contract renewals. Most CRMs focus on new customer acquisition but account management as a practice has...

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The happy first customer

The happy first customer

While planning a new business one may think of the first few customers as an unimportant business milestone. One that eventually leads to the real goal: thousands or millions of customers. There are many reasons why companies should do the opposite. I’ll explain why....

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Akrity provided me advisory services in evaluating product market potential for our product. Their advice not only helped to streamline the project and validate the uniqueness but also the practicality of delivering the concept within our constraints. Akrity’s core motivation is to ensure the use of right innovative technologies and to deliver you a robust product.

Sormy Curpen

Founder & CEO of Bataz

Akrity has worked closely with the Towno team to deeply understand our vision and strategy. We began with a much-recommended MVP approach and have today progressed to solving complex business problems with enhanced user experience. Akrity helped us define, refine and evolve our product. Time and again, they have demonstrated their pertinence to a high growth start-up’s success.

Rahul Kesar

CEO, Towno.in

I have had the pleasure of working with Abhishek and his team at Akrity computing for almost 2 years. Having joined my tech-enabled content SaaS project at a critical juncture, the team fashioned a turnaround in quick time taking over from the earlier team, showing agile command over technical concepts and outstanding problem solving skills. He and his team have walked the entrepreneurial tight rope with me all the way and I have relied very heavily on him not just as a partner in technology decisions for the firm but also as a friend. As we navigate the waters both jointly, for my start up and individually for our own interests, I wish him and his team the very best in all his endeavours.

Anjan Purandare

CEO,Founder of Ivyclique Group

Akrity’s approach is to genuinely try and solve the problem at hand. It makes them an extension of my own team. Akrity worked with us through the difficult period where we had serious code issues because of our previous vendor, but Akrity made our code market ready for a launch in just a few months. I would never call Akrity a services company.

Dinesh Ganti

CPO MobRef

Akrity’s cornerstone is being able to evolve your idea into making it powerful and impactful for solving the business problem in hand. They live and breathe your problem, they craft an artistic solution and they seamlessly evolve quickly from being a vendor to a trusted partner.

Al Ameen Sherfuddeen


What I need from a development team is creative thinking and honesty which I believe Akrity has in abundance. The creativity to work through pragmatic solutions and to technically deliver them in a time frame that is honestly delivered and openly challenged. I enjoyed working with Akrity because of their calm persona especially when dealing with difficult and varied stakeholders. To deal effectively with these types of personnel demands a methodical and detailed mind which Abhishek and his team patiently achieved. On delivery Akrity proved to be extremely competent in delivering highly technical solutions to complex problems with a diverse team of developers at our disposal. This is really unique for me to be able to find a business that makes the complex seem simple in expression and delivery.

Ben Fathers