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Using Technology to Provide Health Care

If you look at hospitals across the world today, they all require a patient to be present for their treatment, no matter how trivial the ailment....

6 Principles of User Centred Design You Must Follow

So you have the perfect product idea.  You have validated the product market fit, you have the perfect tech team on board and you have all the...

Build What You Need Really Well

At Akrity, we follow three core principles for every project: Don’t build what you don’t needBuild what you need really wellBuild usage, not...

That One Skill We Have Been Trying to Master Since School…And The Tools For It

When was the last time you used the Pythagorean Theorem? Do you remember when the first battle of Panipat was fought? Don’t know about you, but my...

Factors to consider before Saas development in 2021

Did you know that Software-as-a-service, or Saas, came into being in the 1960s? The worldwide popularity of SaaS, however, took a while. It...

3 Lessons in User Adoption: Discussion with Francesco Bovoli

Back in April 2020, we had the pleasure of interviewing Francesco Bovoli, the brilliant Product Thinker, at Bending Spoons. Bending Spoons is a...

Don’t Build What You Don’t Need: Impact on Feature Prioritization

One of the biggest mistakes many entrepreneurs make is to try and build a replica of an already-successful product. On the surface, it seems...

Why the Future of LinkedIn Looks Bleak to Me

LinkedIn is probably the first platform that comes to mind when it comes to business networking.  Hardly a surprise when everybody you know...

Real time Data Streaming Tools and Technologies of 2021

With a bunch of real time data streaming tools and technologies available today, businesses are spoilt for choice. Processing huge amounts of data...

10 Common Risks and Solutions for Mobile App Security in 2021

Be it social media, banking, shopping or daily online transactions, we all depend on our mobile phones these days. We often share our names,...

3 common mistakes in feature design (and how to avoid them)

Any product or app interacts  with users through its features.  A feature can either make or break a product. Imagine if Instagram had not...

React vs React Native: Everything You Need To Know

React and React Native are two of the most popular technologies used to build web and mobile user interfaces (UI) today. While React is used to build web applications, React Native is used to build mobile applications.

Importance of Innovation and Why India Should Innovate

The moment you say a product is made in Japan, what's the perception you have? That it's of a good quality, durable and trustworthy, right? Did you...

David vs Goliath: A Tale of Two Businesses During Pandemic

Once, when a friend of mine had come to town, I decided to take her to one of the snazziest pubs in Bengaluru: Bier Library. With its avant-garde...

3 Stages of Product Validation

Imagine building and launching a product based solely on your gut feeling. You have talked to no one about it, you haven’t validated your idea,...

How to choose the right technology partner

In the previous article, we discussed the difference between outsourcing and hiring a technology partner for your new business. We talked about how...

What’s common among SpaceX, Google and Uber?

What did SpaceX, Google and Uber have in common when they started out? They took similar technology decisions in the early days: they brought...

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